It Doesn't Hurt to Ask Fine Art Print

It Doesn't Hurt to Ask Fine Art Print

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Size:11" x 14"
Signature:Not Signed

Brighten up your home, office, classroom or studio with Mary’s wonderful artwork and whimsical sense of humor!

Reads: Lets see now, did I mention world peace? And of course, cures for all the horrible diseases in the world, places for everyone to live, an end to all hatred, a spiritual awakenin[g] for everyone, a solution to pollut[ion] and for me—maybe just a few [l]ittle trinkets you know what I…you choose. It can't hurt to ask

All fine prints are created to order—please allow up to one week for all print orders to be processed.

  •  Printed on high-quality paper
  •  Standard frame sizes
  •  Available with Mary's signature