Exciting Partnership Alert: Mary Engelbreit Joins Forces with Faire!

Exciting Partnership Alert: Mary Engelbreit Joins Forces with Faire!

We are thrilled to announce a creative and inspiring partnership that is set to bring joy and beauty to even more hearts. The renowned artist and illustrator, Mary Engelbreit, has officially joined Faire, a leading wholesale marketplace that connects retailers with unique and exceptional products.

Mary Engelbreit's whimsical and heartwarming creations have captivated audiences for years, evoking feelings of nostalgia and spreading positivity through her art. With this new partnership, her iconic artwork will now have a broader reach, becoming accessible to independent retailers looking to offer their customers something truly special.

Faire's platform is renowned for its commitment to supporting small businesses and artisans, and this partnership aligns perfectly with that ethos. By joining forces, Mary Engelbreit and Faire aim to make her artwork more accessible than ever before, enabling retailers to curate an even more enchanting and diverse shopping experience for their customers.

From charming illustrations that tug at the heartstrings to delightful designs that capture the essence of life's precious moments, Mary Engelbreit's portfolio is a treasure trove of creativity. Through Faire's expansive network, her artwork will find its way into boutiques, gift shops, and stores, enriching spaces with the warmth and magic that her art radiates.

Stay tuned for more details on how you can immerse your retail space in the enchanting world of Mary Engelbreit. This partnership promises to infuse a touch of whimsy into everyday life, and we can't wait to see the smiles it brings.

Use For inquiries and further information, please email contactus@maryengelbreit.com

Get ready to discover, share, and cherish the magic of Mary Engelbreit's art like never before, all thanks to the exciting partnership with Faire. Together, let's paint the world with joy!


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