Mary Engelbreit Studios Delivers Your Guide to 2024 Craft Industry Trends

Mary Engelbreit Studios Delivers Your Guide to 2024 Craft Industry Trends

Disco has left the dancefloor. Glassware has broken into the spotlight. Cottagecore is only growing bigger. And the crafting industry is here for every moment. Let’s look at some of this year’s predicted trending colors and themes for crafting and décor. Plus, Mary Engelbreit has a special collaboration in store!

Décor That Dances (Or at least makes you feel like dancing)

If you dream it, you can disco-fy it. From decked out prosecco bottles that create the sparkiest gift to lamps and hanging planters, you can turn any space into an impromptu party. You can even tone down the sparkle, but stay on trend, with disco ball illustrations and wall art. 


Where cottagecore celebrates simple countryside living and has prompted similar movements such as gnomecore and fairycore, gardencore is rooted in the love of plants, insects and the magic of the outdoors. Not only have butterflies and beetles found their way into the most unexpected (and welcome) areas of the home, but mushrooms are growing where they’ve never grown before. Check out some fun ways you can bring the garden indoors

A Colorful Statement

Pink, peach, teal, gold, and rich greens are splashing across the craft and décor scene, creating the perfect canvas for both delicate prints and vibrant color blocking. Mary Engelbreit’s alphabet garden is one of many ways to bring this fun palette to life.

Fruit Salad

Strawberries, bananas, cherries — oh my! With everything from sweaters to stickers now baring pops of fresh produce, the sky’s truly the limit for what you can do with this sweet trend. Statement-making coffee mugs, vases, T-shirts, and more are an easy and delicious way to brighten your or someone else’s day. 

Moody Florals

It’s time to turn what you think you know about florals on its head. More somber with cooler shades of blue and deep reds, this trending theme merges big, lush flowers with a melancholy tone. Embrace the moodiness with small accessories and décor pieces like throw pillows and tote bags. Or get your paint smock out to create the perfect wall art with this “Engelblooms” paint-by-numbers kit.

And these exciting trends are just the tip of the iceberg. Fairytalecore has teamed up with game night to crown a new winner each night. No longer are puffer coats the only thing with a little extra fluff. Enter puff pillows, bags, mugs and sooo much more. Even glassware has broken the traditional molds, introducing new sculptural shapes and bold colors.

Feeling inspired to get creating? Us too.  And if these exciting trends weren’t enough to get the creative juices flowing, there’s one more craft we’d like to introduce. Mary Engelbreit has teamed up with Woodsy Craft Co. to bring you a special collection of wooden DIY craft kits. This new collaboration will be available starting March 21st!

In the meantime, we’d love to see what projects you’re working on. Share in the comments below!

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